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Im totally in love with this Co-ord piece from Ana Alcazar!
Like I told you in my latest post, Fringes are totally back this season!
Wear it and own it!
To make the outfit a little bit edgy and not to Classy, Ï chose the train station as location for my background.
The outfit is the darker minimal and I liked to keep it that way.
This was my first time shooting at a trainstation, (what I wanted to do for quit a while now )..
The outfit collaborated really good with the location, it kinda suprised me..
Everybody knows that Summer is around the corner and you guys know now what my favourite colors are. its not gonna change but you guys are going to see some difference in both me and Meau`s styles this Summer Season.
This post is actualy kind of a little sneak peek of how im going to style my basic colors with summer colors.
I am wearing a two piece from Ana Alcazar, Heels from River Island and the blue shirt I got at Weekday a long time ago!
You will see me soon again with something new!
Stay posted!

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