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 This Beautiful girl is the owner of Santa Che, she is specialized in making chaps for boots or normal shoes and next to that she makes the most awesome accessories, like what she is wearing in the picture above. awesome right! 

 I finally got to see the Samsung Galaxy Edge, and see how it really works,
Im laying my hands on this Phone in a couple of months!
I have to have it.
Today was really fun to see how they have improved and styled Iconic Studios for their Press day.
They have New brandssuch a BJORN BORG and HUB, two awesome new brands that you saw in the pictures above.
I really am amazed by all the beautiful good stuff they have for the new AW15 collection, when I got there, most of the items were already marked as RESERVED for stylists, youll see all their items coming in magazines!
I am also in love of how CLARKS is giving a new dimension to their line of awesome shoes and bags.
Iconic Studios is the place to be1


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