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Hey guys,
Were back with a outfit post of the both of us.
We will post more of these outfits which shows you that were always matching one another.
We often dicuss what we are going to wear when we meet up but sometimes we dont because we dont need to. like this outfit right here.
We did not discuss this outfit at all. we saw eachother and started to laugh really hard.
We feel eachothers Aura. beat that. Haha.
Ofcourse the core of this outfit are the Camel coats. Both from different places.
Meau`s coat is from H&M, he bought it a year ago.
Mine is from Forever21, I just bought it right after the summer, this coat was everything I wanted in a camel coat. I had to have it.
We both apparently styled it with black and kept it in the dark minimal lane.

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