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 Hi guys,
You know these cold days are taking over your wardrobe and you sometimes just want to go outside with 5 coats on, yeah we know..
The weather is luckily calming down a bit and we were able to wear bomberjackets for a change!
The bomberjacket trends seems to go and comeback, for us.. It didnt even go away.
The bomberjacket is a very good fit to your wardrobe at all times.
Ikram did her thing and kept it feminine wiht a long cardigan underneath and some chunky heel to keep the feminine side going but the chunkynes of the heel keeps it young and trendy.
I styled mine with simpe colored jeans and a amazingly soft scarf from Won Hundred.
The scarf is really close to the color of the bomberjacket what makes it monotonous.
I kept it sporty with me Adidas Superstar Originals.

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  1. Amazing pics! you have a lovely blog! I love the sandals ;)
    Kisses from Spain