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                    This OOTD is a mix of light colors and dark colors.
Because it`s not spring/summer yet we thought, ''let`s make our outfits not to winter inspired but at the same time not to spring or summer., we went for the mix of both.
we both were lately so into light colors ( which means everything pastel ) eventhough when you cross our blog or instagram posts, you will come across or only white shades or only black or grey shades.
the reason why we bring black back in almsot every outfit, is becasue black just makes the outfit complete. Take a look, if you look around EVERYONE has something on that is Black. it`s bizar.
Meau is wearing his Mom jeans from River Island and this amazing pastel blue Bombercoat.
Ikram is wearing her fav black leather pants and her salmon colored long blazer, both from Forever21.
Let us know if you want to know more.
X, More to come

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  1. you guys are so stunning
    view my new post.

  2. This fotoshooting is one of the best ever! Congratulation for this high level and thank you for visiting my blog!
    Of course I became member in yours! Keep up this great work guys!

  3. your team is amazing ;)
    Follow each other ;)