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 Hey guys,
I am still in the grey and white zone as you can see.
I`ve been looking for a tapered pants for a very long time now, and me and Ikram decided to walk into Zara during the sale and see if there is something interesting happening.
We were 3 weeks after the sale started so we gave our hopes up of finding something good because everything is gone the second day after the sale starts, normally..
But this time, I went to the TRF section and saw these pair of light Ivory colored pants.
I fell in love. I had to have them.
The price was delicious as well.
they were the only ones hanging and my size. thats very rare to me.
I scored big time.
Same goes for this kniwear that I am wearing.
Ive been Eyeballing it for a very long time all of the sudden H&M decided to put 30% discount on the most knitwear items that were available. I say HECK YEAH!

I kept the outfit overall very minimal and simple.
I loved the colors together so I put this outfit together and i wanted to add some black accent to the outfit, and the perfect item was this selfmade DIY bag by my good friend Yannick Recantini.
This bag was made within one day, im so proud of him!
I`ve been looking for these kinds of bags for days and here is my good friend making one in one day!
Amazing I say..
I love myself a Fedora hat as you can see.
               H&M - SWEATER, ZARA- PANTS, NIKE - SHOES, H&M - HAT, DIY - BAG

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