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Hi Everyone,
Last Thursday we were invited to the Re-opening of a accessory store based in Amsterdam ( Utrechtsestraat ) who apparently is selling allot of Kenzo.
Before we went to the store, we looked up some information about how the store looked before it was renovated.
We have to give our props to the owners for making this store beautiful.
The new store has this Minimalistic jungle vibe, it`s really young and welcoming.
Ikram and a friend of ours that came along with us were invited back for a free manicure!
We really liked the stuff they were selling and the whole store that came with it.
We are definetely going back this week to visit again, because we made allot of conversations with everybody that was present and working there. We are excited of how the store looks on a regular based day.
Let`s see!

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