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Hey guys,
in my latest post I told you about a shoot with my new zara shoes.. Well here they are!
as you can see I mixed my mom jeans with my checkered shirt. It`s a going to school outfit or having a lunch/meet-up with friends outfit.
Adding the zara shoes to the outfit will make the outfit more formal, classy but also a bit Edgy.
Because it`s Winter I chose to wear my black fleece coat from Modemusthaves.
Like I Always say, ''Black is Always your first priority and back-up plan''.
I also LOVE to have a clutch with me instead of a handbag, it makes the outfit younger and sometimes chic, that depends on your styling.
I have outworn these shoes by wearing them almost everyday!
The best thing about them is that you can style it with almost everything and it makes an outfit more complete because of the golden detailing.
These shoes were a musthave in my closet so I finally got them, yeey me!
We will be back soon with a DUO post and more about Fashionweek!
Stay posted!

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