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Hey guys,
Last Friday our Fashionweek experience started very good with the BARBARA LANGENDIJK Tea Ceremony at the Van Gogh Museum. She planned a performance to show us a japanese inspired Tea Ceremony.
The Tea ceremony was beautiful, it was very relaxed and done with peace by the beautiful model Lisette ros.
Barbara was inspired when she was in Japan and saw how the people over there took there time with what they were doing. So she decided to show that in a Tea ceremony with her de 
signs who are also Japanese inspired. We think the designs were beautiful.
With her holders to create different kinds of shapes was a great fit to her collection in her graduation year.
The colors that were used were a great fit as well. Timeless and chic.
And now having her own little selection at Iconic Studios is an amazing begin for her to expand her brand and styling items!
We can not wait to see more of her upcoming ideas in the futuro!
See her lookbook here for more BARBARALANGENDIJK.

The fashionshow on a sidenote was Gorgeous and very graceful.
She mixed Chic with classy and abstractive art.
We really want to see more of this designer in the future because she made a good start off after her graduation collection. You guys should see her graduation collection as well, it`s beautiful.
We both loved the camel outfit on the model , they picked out the perfect model for it as well.
We wish Barbara the best of luck in the future!
Keep posted for more soon


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