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Welcome blogreaders,

So its been pretty clear that on November the 6th everybody`s mouth was full of WANG juice and everybody could`nt wait anymore on the collection.
We know our friends bought allot of items from the collection.
We personally liked allot from the womans department in stead of the mens becasue the womands department - like always- had allot of different shapes, styles and categories.
We fell in love with these 3 items.
The sunglasses, the crop WANG scuba sweater and the crop WANG throw-on jacket.
we have noticed that not only the items are very fashionable but the fabrics and the material is really good in the winter and is really good against the rain. the rain has nothing on Alexander Wang.
We think this collection is Winter based because the outlook of it has and Ski- Warrior look. which we absolutely Love!

Let us know what you think! X

P.S. Mo will come soon with another post on another item he got from the collection as an extra.
Stay tuned.

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  1. Really loved the collection, and really love your items! Good choise ;)

    Hugs, Fabio |