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Winter minimal

Hello dear blogreaders,

we are back with a new outfit post!

Winter is on its way and we are slowly turning into very minimal puppets like always..
Once winter hits here in Holland, the only thing we want to do is wear minimalistic colors to keep it safe and simple for the winter. But we change for some color sometimes..

We both think this winter`s colorpallet would be a bit the same but added up with more lighter colors as well.
The darker populair colopallet for this winter would probably be:

Black, Grey, Olive Green, mosterd Yellow, dark Purple, faded Orange, Brown, Camel and dark Grey.

For the more lighter colorpallet for this winter season is going to probably be:

Everything pastel! ( especially Blue, Pink, Camel and Grey.)
Light Grey, Yellow, White, Taupe, Cream, light Green and Red.

We both think that if you have a minimal look to every color on both pallets, you should try and play with fabrics and colormixing a bit.

For example:

A red Scuba fabric top, with a Camel brown leather fbric short or trousers, add the look up with some silver jewelry to keep the minimal look going.
Some Black or even Silver brogue or chunky platform shoes would be a very interesting yet minimal touch to the outfit.
Make this outfit complete with a invisible clutch! 

Let us know what you think X

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