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Hello dear blogreaders.
We are back with a new post and back with a new event that we have visited last week.
The event that we have attended to was the third Anniversary of HODA Magazine.
We have to say that the Anniversary party was a succes!
We had allot of fun and the people who were attending the party were all so nice and the crew of HODA are all very spontainously amazing!

Th Anniversay was filled with allot of laughter, partying ofcourse, meeting people, delicious foods and a really funny game!
HODA magazine is a magazine for the dutch/moroccan Woman but ofcourse any woman of any kind or any roots are more than welcome to read the magazine.
The magazine is filled with cultural articles and allot of reading pleasure.

We were in shock of the fact that almost everyone who was there knew us from our blog or instagram.
We got allot of compliments on our work and we really thank them all for giving us really good feedback. 
We also both had 1st and 2nd place for best dressed of the night! What a party.
We are very curious to the 4th Anniversary and we can not wait to know what the 4th Annivesary is going to be about.

Stay posted for more to come!


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  1. Cool, nice pics :)

  2. I Love the Shoes So Fashionble You guys have great taste in fashion xx
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