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Hi Guys!
Last thursday, Vogue magazing celebrated they`re Vogue fashion night out 2014.
This Vogue FNO was the third here in Holland.
You had all sorts of little parties with lots of DJ`s in different stores around Amsterdam city central.
In the Warehouse of Amsterdam, the one called De Bijenkorf, you had allot of different concepts and people who were dressed as fairy`s and allot of dj`s and just dancing people.
It was allot of fun! and ofcourse we`ve visited Topshop, and in the time being We were already discussing about some items as you can see on the picture.

We went further the the most 'expensive' street of Amsterdam, PC Hoofstraat.
The real party with all of the more exclusive people was over there.
It was a little bit dissapointing to us because the straat wasn`t very interesting expect for on lady who was giving some plain White Vans shoes a little bit of Chinese art on them.
You could`ve bought them at the same time when she was done!

We went with a big group of friends what made it allot of fun!
Everybody enjoyed the night out together and we took allot of pictures together.
See more pictures on our instagram xx

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  1. Great post and pics such a great blog