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Hi guys,

These outfits we are wearing are outfits we would wear in the winter days for school.
There is nothing better than long Cardigans for school. 
Especially in the early mornings we both like to wear something warm and long.
You can see that our look is a little bit grunge and chunky because of our dr.martens shoes.
You will see these shoes come back allot more often because these black on black  brogues are the most amazing balck shoes you can have.
Especially in the winterdays becasue these shoes will be such an amazing add on to a fluffy or wool coat.
let us know what you think of this outfit. 
we are back soon with another one.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Great outfits, can't wait to see another one ;)

  2. great outfit together :) thank you for dropping by on mine, and i've followed you.. follow back?