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Gone with The Wind

Hi guys!

We were both very busy today and didn`t even plan on posting anything or shooting anything today.
But like always, our camera is always with us somehow. I geuss thats what bloggers do. Having your camera sealed to you as your smartphone. So with other words...Do not leave the house without it or you cannot survive the day.
We weren`t even planning on meeting with eachother today and yet we both had on the same print! TARTAN.
That happens really ofthen with us. If we see eachother at work or we meet up we never discuss what we are wearing, and most of the time we have the same colorstory on or the same print. Sometimes even the same top!
Even though our weather condition here in Holland is somehow changing to a more hot temperature for the upcoming week, we still deside to keep our colorstory dark.
We all know that summer is over here and that the weather on the news is a lie most of the time.
The tartan shirt that SHE is wearing is from FOREVER21.
The tartan shirt that HE is wearing is from a Vintage store.

We both kept the outfit black.
She paired it up with blue accesoires and He paired it up with White.

let us know what you think!
more to come soon1

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  1. Loving the plaid! Lovely blog. Thank you for your follow on GFC. Following your fab blog back on GFC! :) T.

  2. Love the plaid shirts! really love your blog guys! is awesome! so i stay and follow!
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    see u soon

  3. Nice outfits! Love the plaid <3


  4. You both look great. Lovelyblog.
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  5. You have a really cool blog! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!

  6. great outfits! you two look awsome:)!
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